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strapless wedding dress on hanger in window light



Laura and Chris started their day getting ready at the beautiful Historic Davenport Hotel by Marriott in downtown Spokane. There are three hotels by Davenport Marriott downtown Spokane: The Historic Davenport, The Davenport Tower, and The Grand Hotel. You really can't go wrong with any of them. Not only will your stay be unbelievably comfortable, the suites have an open, elegant feeling that is just right to start out the day of your wedding and of course the perfect location to spend your first night. 

Since Erik and I are both lead photographers, we can be in two places at once! This is  super convenient during the getting ready hours as Alicia hangs out with the girls working on details and candid moments of laughter and spontaneous emotion, while Erik hangs out with the guys... Doing what guys do! On this particular day, the guys were at Brickyard Barber Shop on Monroe Street tidying up their immaculate beards and getting a relaxing close shave. I remember Chris telling us there is something quite vulnerable about exposing your neck to another man yielding a freshly sharpened razor. The guys at Brickyard Barber Shop impressed for sure. Everyone agreed it was a great start to the day. Meanwhile at the Historic Davenport, I was with the girls as finishing touches with Makeup by Alyssa Walsh and hair stylist Kila Herve from Dezining Shearz Salon. Bridesmaids awed and cooed over Laura's perfect look. You could feel the love and excitement in the room. Before long it was time to step into dresses and get the show on the road... I learned something new and helpful when it comes to sticky bridesmaid dresses! A bar of soap, gently rubbed on the zipper line makes dresses zip up like buttah. Well done ladies.

One of my favorite things about the Davenport suites is their incredible windows and elegant living spaces. We had to take advantage of the beautiful soft light filtering in from outside before calling the door hop to help us down to valet. While the cars were being pulled around, I brought the girls out for an epic photo walking right down the middle of the street. Spokane was all theirs for a moment. (We always consider the safety of our wedding party when doing something so out of the box like this... The street we chose to own for a minute had been blocked off for construction!) 

The Ridge at Rivermere was our destination for the wedding vows and a hopping reception. Erik and I coordinated our timing so the girls arrived after the guys who were safely tucked away downstairs finishing up final details like cufflinks and bow ties. Time for the girls to relax for a moment. The weather had been trying to rain all day and could only work up a tiny drizzle. We kept our umbrellas on hand, just in case. Turned out that Chris and Laura's first look would be under these big black umbrellas and we are so glad it was. We created a little space between the happy couple before counting down the big reveal. Chris was beside himself and we were ecstatic with the results. Real, unbridled emotion is what we live for. 

Every wedding ceremony is different and wonderful in their own ways and this was no exception. Laura giggled uncontrollably once the rings were placed on fingers. They shared a special sand ceremony and took their victory walk as Mr. and Mrs. The entire bridal party put on a dancing introduction to die for. Speeches pulled at the heartstrings, pizza by Veraci's was served, cake was cut, dancing was glorified, and we all said goodbye with a grand sparkler runway to the car that would take them away to the rest of their lives. 

Now that's the stuff. Thank you for having us guys.

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