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Wind does something magical to photography... It creates movement. Movement and emotion are probably our favorite ingredients in our recipe for amazing photography. We had both by the bucket load for Ashton and Laura's Mirabeau Park engagement session. Laura's wishes for photos were calm water and river rocks large enough to stand on and the gorgeous tree lined road out around Green Bluff. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect couple on a more perfect day. These two are simply stunning! 

Laura visited Makeup by Alyssa Walsh for her gorgeous look and came prepared with Pinterest discovered dresses that absolutely whisper engagement photo day. Pinterest is such a fun planning and idea hunting tool. Make sure when we meet you invite me to your "Dream Wedding" pin board so we can day dream about your day together. A helpful hint when using Pinterest as a planning app; when you save your favorites, edit the comment box to point out the specifics of what you love from the web site or photo you saved. Things like, "I love the lace trim on this veil," or "Can we find an outdoor location that looks a little like this." We can't wait to see what you've discovered.

So, we started out in Colbert, in the farm land of Green Bluff... It was super windy, with the perfect amount of sunlight seeping through the huge maples. Such a great setting to hold each other close and delight in your love. Next stop was Spokane Valley at Mirabeau Park nestled behind the wedding venue Center Place. We like to take the unbeaten path, looking for framing features and light in nature. Nature is undyingly faithful. Here I asked the happy couple to take each other a little more seriously, consider the lifelong vows they are embarking on and communicate their love with no words at all. After one last outfit change we ventured over to the natural rocky river side just as the sun had dipped below the western mountains. Breathtaking. 

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