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Spokane Mountain peak candid moment
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Kelly and Cory came up from the Tri-Cities to plan their wedding with us. As most of our wedding photography collections do, their collection included an engagement session. They wanted big views and a forest setting for their engagement photos and really the best place around Spokane is none other than the very peak of Mt Spokane, past Mt Spokane Ski Resort, all the way at the very top. During the late spring, summer, and early fall months anyone can venture to the vista point for breathtaking views, family hikes, and biking adventures. If you haven't yet, we seriously suggest making the twisty, winding drive! You won't be disappointed. 

It was a little breezy and with being so high up, a little chilly, but that didn't stop us! They took our suggestion for picking out a couple different styles to wear, one a little date night formal and the other casual sweaters. We began our photo walk on one of the summit's forest trails looking for streams of light and perfect places to pause a moment to take it all in. We like to nurture the feeling of candid moments by asking couples to walk together, pause occasionally, and invite us into their mood by playing together, dancing to the music of the mountain top wind, and just embracing their time to focus on one another. Still one of our favorite engagement sessions to date. 

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