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Holding hands wearing flowing pink dress by river
Sunset embrace while standing on shore of river
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Spokane Mountain peak candid moment
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Soldier with great smile and bride with roses tattoo
Manito Park glowing engagement in woods
Groom nuzzling finance at Manito Park Spokane
Huntington Park Spokane engagement photography
Spokane River Falls grand bridge engagement photo
beautiful natural light engagement portrait
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Your engagement session is a big deal... By now we have met at least once to get to know each other, talk about wedding details, and work out the awesome extras that are included in your wedding photography experience. Here is where the fun starts! We get to know you a little more behind the lens, who you are as a couple, and what your kind of love looks like. Engaged couples get to know us a little deeper too. How we drive photo sessions with emotion and real behavior, and who Erik and I are when there's a camera in our hands. For you it's a whole lot of standing around, utterly in love, and looking beautiful. I could walk you through all the details of what makes an engagement session with Erik and Alicia Photography, but it's so much better to experience. Instead, I'll offer some tips on how to prepare for a great date night otherwise known to us as engagement photo day.

First things first, we have to set a date. We are fortunate enough to live in the great northwest where we enjoy four full, colorful seasons. Which one speaks to you? Winter wonderland covered in brisk white snow, Spring blossoms and bright green hues from a morning spring rain shower, Summer heat that begs for flirty dresses, or Autumn colors and a cool breeze? Tough choice, we know... Consider your hobbies as a couple, maybe the season you first met, or just go for the weather you love. 

Now to set a time for your session. Any time throughout the day lends opportunity for amazing photography. The favorite is of course the hour or so before sunset, you know when the sun seems to glow and drape through the trees just before it lays a beautiful dance of colors on the horizon at sunset. We love sunsets, I mean who doesn't? Then again, there is something about sun rise, the brisk morning just starting to make the days appearance. Don't forget about mid day, a lot happens mid day you know? Brunch coffee, mid day walks, and of course contrast of light.

Location is key. We must find a place that speaks to you. We have a ton of nature and natural settings in and around the great northwest. Deep forest, hiking trails, open fields, rushing rivers, quiet creeks and rocky streams, open lakes, beach settings, urban ideals, country farms, lush green parks, vistas and view points for days. How lucky are we? Want something thats out of the ordinary? Let's go find it. Scouting new locations to shoot are a good excuse for Erik and I to adventure the area with our family as we prepare for the perfect engagement session for you. 

If you are bringing fur babies, keep in mind of acceptable locations for dogs to tag along. Did we mention we love doggies? We have an english springer spaniel named Lilly. She is the little fur love of our lives. If you plan on bringing your pup, please have a friend or family member tag along for the first half hour or so of our photo session so that when we have captured you with your pet, your friend or family member can bring them home so you two can better focus on each other for the remainder of the session. Want to include children? Absolutely, we have a couple of those guys too. They are just as much a part of your planning for wedding vows as you are. Same idea.. bring along a guest to take the kiddos out for ice cream while we finish up your engagement session with just the two of you. 

What to wear and how to prepare, now that is the question. Multiple outfits are welcome, in fact we like to encourage couples to choose a casual outfit gently coordinated and another you might wear out on the town. Regardless, go by our two big rules: 1. Wear something that you feel amazing in. 2. Consider where you will display your photography in your home when considering your color palette. Our living room is full of hues of gray, cream, and dusty yellow, so our ideal color pallet for clothing would compliment that space, in lieu of match it. Tones of blue with the glowing setting sun would make the photo on the wall stand out, but at the same time, fit in with our living space. 

Where do props fit in? Well, of course the star prop for any engagement session is the ring! I doubt she'll go anywhere without it anyway. (Haha!) Maybe you are devout Chicago Cubs fans, hey we get it! Seattle Seahawks maybe? Go for it, bring your jersey. Maybe you have a love for hats, or own the perfect scarf for every fall outfit. Maybe the proposal came with a song, or flowers, or a memory book of your dating years... So romantic!! Maybe has inspired an adorable save the date sign that you've spent an entire week making. If you want to bring something, bring it. If you're not sure, bring it anyway. 

Finally, consider your personal details... Ladies, engagement session day is the PERFECT day to schedule your wedding makeup trial. If you want to keep your final look a surprise for the big day, ask your artist (we suggest Makeup by Alyssa Walsh) to understate your look, or maybe pick that amazing shade of lip perfect for a date night kiss. After all, when we've wrapped up the final moments of your photography appointment you will totally want to keep the vibe going. Why not make a night of it?

It's our goal to have you leave the session feeling like you've had an awesome time, laughing, getting romantic, and thoroughly enjoying an hour or two completely focused on each other. What we have done is broken the ice and awkward feeling of having all eyes on you and in the spot light. It's really rare for anyone to be head over heals for the idea of being the center of attention and in front of a camera. Those that do, oh my gosh we love you too. Point is, it's going to be great because you are.

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