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We are the husband and wife photography team, Erik & Alicia. We have been photographing weddings together since 2008. Our favorite thing about being your photographer is knowing you trust us to capture one of the most important days of your life. Our photos will become family heirlooms and passed down for generations.

The most common question we get asked is “How is it to work together, being married?” We love photographing weddings together! Working together as a husband and wife team keeps our marriage young, weddings remind us of our own vows through your promises. Our brides are convinced having two photographers for their wedding is essential so we always photograph weddings together. As we are both lead photographers which means we can be in two places at once actively working together to help guide your wedding day and capture those moments just one photographer would miss.

Our own love story began in 2006…

Erik’s Version:

…When Alicia saw a photo of me (yep she made the first move). She messaged me and I thought she was gorgeous! She was holding an amber beer, not some pale mass-produced American watery version of beer. I was impressed, I later learned it was Smithwick’s from Ireland and is one of her favorite beers and now one of my favorites too. After 6 months dating I proposed and she said yes! (Sometimes I still can’t believe I got so lucky). We have now been married for nearly 9 years and I can honestly say; I love her more today than the day we were married.

Our wedding day started like many wedding days do… On the wedding day I sent her flowers, a card with a personal note and some lunch. We decided not to see each other prior to our wedding ceremony, my first view of my bride was as I stood at the alter she was stunningly beautiful!! I had to hold back the tears, I had never seen her more beautiful. The dress was beautiful and she was wearing airbrushed makeup. I had never seen her with professional makeup before. (This is why we give all our brides professional makeup; we want you to have a moment like this too) As you can tell that moment has really stuck with me and I will never forget it but we only have one portrait of us, alone. The photo is Alicia and I standing together on the stairs after the ceremony during family portrait time. Yes we have other photos of us together from the wedding day but no bridal portraits. We learned a lot from our wedding experience. We want our couples to have plenty of time for bridal portraits and a few quiet minutes alone together. We also learned a good DJ is essential for a well organized and lively reception and a bad one can sour the tone of the day.

Alicia’s Version:

…I had just started a MySpace account (yes, you read that right, before it was swallowed whole by Facebook) and I was just scanning the photos near my own address, looking for people I might know. I stopped at Erik’s photo. What a hottie! Looked like he was new to the Bay Area, so I thought, I better send him a message… what could it hurt? Best decision of my life! I think it was just a couple days later I decided to give him a call. He was at a Giants baseball game and asked me to hang on for a minute while the National Anthem played. I was so impressed that he didn’t talk right through it and I loved that I got to listen quietly with him. About five months later I was just leaving a hair appointment in downtown San Francisco to find my car, parked on a steep city street had a completely flat tire. I called Erik to see if he would come rescue me and help me change my tire. Little did I know, he was in Kay Jewelers at that very moment buying the ring of my dreams that I tried on just a week or so before. (I love shiny things, diamonds are beautiful and I can’t help myself when I pass by a jewelry shop. I want to stop and look! I didn’t think anything of it the day Erik walked me past a few jewelry stores and indulged my interest in trying on the beautiful rings.) No, the proposal didn’t come with the changed tire, however he was still my knight in shining armor. He let that ring burn a hole in his pocket for a month! The day after Thanksgiving, he asked and the rest of our lives began.

At the time we lived in the Bay Area and planned a destination wedding in Spokane, Washington. Our long distance wedding took careful planning and a lot of help from family and friends living in Spokane, but it was totally worth it. The morning of our Glover Mansion wedding, Erik sent me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers and the sweetest card. Good thing airbrush makeup is pretty resistant to tears. It was a perfect start to our day. Before I knew it I was walking the aisle to marry the love of my life. It was exciting and emotional seeing him standing at the alter and while I wouldn’t change a thing about our day, I would have loved having some time with him alone before the ceremony to breathe and take it all in. The rest of the day was a blur of happiness and we are so grateful to have beautiful photos to look back on.

We want our couples to feel confident that whether you choose to have a first look or wait until your ceremony walk we will make time for bridal portraits of just the two of you, in love. Your wedding day is all about you and there are no rules, so make it your dream.

About Erik:

I have been a photographer longer than I haven’t. My first camera was a plastic SLR that I received from a school fundraiser when I was in the 6th grade. There wasn’t much to that camera…no light meter and it only had a 50 mm lens but I thought it was amazing to have a 35 mm film camera like my grandpa. My grandpa was known as Chuck to family & friends and he was a camera guy. He loved cameras and was an avid photographer, he always seemed to have one in his hand or near by. Grandpa even owned a camera repair shop. While I didn’t learn to repair cameras I did learn to make my first photo print in collage in his basement darkroom.

My grandfather and that basic photography class laid the inspiration for my dream to become a professional photographer. A year after that Basic Photography class I moved to Miami, Florida to pursue my dream! I was accepted into the Fine Art Photography program at Barry University and earned my Bachelor of Arts with a major in Photography. While attending college I began assisting local professional wedding photographers and even began photographing my own events. That first wedding I photographed was 20 years ago…amazing how time flies. I was finally able to relate with my couple and understand the love they share. I’m honored every time a couple asks us to photograph such an important day in their life. Alicia and I have now been photographing weddings together for 9 years! Our connection as a husband and wife team is nothing like I had ever had with another photographer and it reminds us of our own vows.

When Alicia and I were married I thought “ I will never love her more than today”, I was wrong! (Yes I admit I have said that a few times during the course of our marriage) Alicia pushes me to be better and try harder and if I want my dreams to become reality I know I have her by my side.

More about me: I’m a sports guy, I like the Seattle Seahawks and I’m a huge Chicago Cubs fan! WE WON THE WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP!!!! I love to listen to music and sports talk on the radio. I like to read: Vince Flynn, Stieg Larsson, syfy/fantasy, Dave Ramsey, biographies about the military and people I find interesting. I’m an Eagle Scout and now a Cub Scout dad. I do have a few favorite TV shows but it’s hard to keep up so I’m thankful DVR was invented. Coffee is a must for me in the morning; simple k-cup black or w/creamer is my usual. My favorite coffee stand is Dutch Brothers. My favorite drink there is an Annihilator-large, white coffee, hot. I’m also unofficially on a search for the best burger. I am proud to say I’m a Christian, a father and a husband.

About Alicia:

Alicia is not only an amazing wedding photographer but also a baby photographer. She becomes a little giddy before and after each newborn session; I think she reminisces about our wonderful boys when they were small. Alicia’s a wonderful mom when she isn’t taking photos she is likely dancing in the living room with the boys to 80’s music, being a Cubs Scout & Awana leader, or acting as “doctor mom”. She does find a few minutes for herself to enjoy playing slow pitch softball, curling up on the couch to check Facebook, play Candy Crush or catch up on Big Bang Theory. She’s also a wonderful wife who is a compassionate listener and most importantly my best friend.

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